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NEC has introduced the latest version of the Univerge 3C unified communications and collaboration system, version 8.5.3. This release extends and enhances the performance, functionality, and native mobility of the 3C system. It also adds many new features, including an iOS mobile client that comes with an integrated softphone. The iOS softphone enables users to connect their Apple mobile devices to a company’s 3C system. When properly configured, the softphone functions just like a traditional desk phone (with features like presence, transfers, call recording, etc.), allowing for extra flexibility and seamless communications in an increasingly wireless world.

Other improvements for this release include:

  • Emergency alert notification enhancements
  • Mobility services enhancements
  • Mobile client enhancements
  • Directed call park / virtual call park enhancements
  • Outbound caller ID changes
  • SIP trunk backup service
  • Updated operating system support
  • UC client usability enhancement
  • Support for new Polycom phones
  • 3C collaboration meeting manager enhancements
  • U.S. Department of Defense enhancements related to Univerge 3C unified capabilities session controller certification

This winter has been crazy with all of the snow storms. Bad weather can shut down roads, disrupt commutes, and lead to offices being closed — all of which hurt business.


Communication technologies are constantly evolving, and keeping track of what’s what can be tricky. Today, we’d like to briefly look at an issue that many people seem to be confused about: what is the difference between a standard SIP telephone and a proprietary SIP telephone?



NEC is pleased to announce that the Univerge 3C platform has been named a 2014 internet telephony product of the year by TMC. The Univerge 3C “has proven to be among the best communications and technology solutions on the market in 2014,” says TMC CEO Rich Tehrani. NEC systems also boast the lowest total cost of ownership among leading telecommunications companies, according to a recent independent study.

Univerge 3C is a comprehensive software-based unified communications and collaboration solution that redefines the way businesses communicate. With its standards-based components and distributed software architecture, 3C offers you unmatched reliability and scalability to keep your business competitive in today’s marketplace. 3C comes in both on-site and hosted versions. For maximum flexibility, the various elements of each version can be mixed and matched to create a hybrid arrangement designed to best meet your business’s specific communications needs. 3C is engineered to work with bring-your-own-device environments, seamlessly connecting users across desk phones, smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

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Call accounting is useful for identifying patterns in your business’s phone use, spotting potential problems or abuse, and boosting productivity by discouraging excessive personal calls. To better serve our customers, we developed our own Remote Enterprise Call Accounting Package, or RECAP. RECAP provides a simple and effective tool for viewing and tracking both incoming and outgoing calls. Over the past several years, RECAP has logged data for over 275,000 hours of customer phone traffic!

How does it work? Simple. Your phone system sends call records to your system buffer box, and the buffer box then sends the records to our FTP servers. From there, the information is transferred to our database for storage and reporting. RECAP collects records from multiple sites, so you can enjoy the convenience of centralized storage, along with peace of mind knowing that your data is backed up.

You can easily access your system records through our customer portal. You can also create reports that filter the records by extension, call direction, etc. These reports can be set up so that they are automatically e-mailed to administrators at whatever intervals you prefer (daily, monthly, yearly, etc.). You can also set up automated alerts for specific events (e.g., when 911 is called).

Contact us to learn more about putting RECAP to work for your business!

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