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"Email in Real Life"

I recently read a blog that discussed how some people text significantly more than they talk on the phone each day. Yes, we all have phones, err - cell phones (but who calls them that anymore?), but how often do we use them as phones?

This blog really got me thinking and noticing the same thing about myself. I’m a texter. I text…a lot. I would much rather text someone than pick up the phone and call them. I email from my phone more than I ever do from a computer. (I honestly don’t even remember how to use my personal email service when on the computer anymore.) I go on my social media sites solely on my phone, search the internet, map places out, research – all from my phone. My PHONE! Ten years ago, people would have thought I was crazy.


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I was having dinner with a colleague who told me about a funny question one of his kids had asked him.  It is always fun sharing stories about the crazy things our kids say with other parents! "Kids say the darndest things!" However, this particular comment really made me think...


Take a look at the blurb posted in Upper Dublin/Ambler's ENTERPRISE magazine, featuring Light up a Life 2014. We are thrilled to have been able to collect and donate over $17,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bucks County and The Villa.

Thank you to all donors, visitors, Facebook likers & Twitter followers, neighbors, friends, and family. We couldn't have done it without you!

Below is a scanned image of the February 2015 ENTERPRISE (page 26 in VOL. 20, NO. 2), where Light up a Life is mentioned.


There are more people on the planet who own a mobile phone than who own a toothbrush.

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