Services From Demarcation to Desktop

From demarcation to desktop, Acteon Networks has you covered.

“A demarcation point is the physical point at which a telecommunications company’s public network ends and the customer’s private network begins. The demarcation point is often the point at which the cable physically enters the building, but this varies from one country to another.

The demarcation point defines where the telephone company’s responsibility for maintenance ends and the consumer’s responsibility begins.” (Techopedia)

So, just where does your telephone and data responsibilities begin, and what does demarcation mean?

The point where dial tone and the cable lines connecting the dial tone to the voice and data equipment is called demarcation, or demarc, by industry professionals.

The telecommunications industry specifies a place where a dial tone provider, such as Verizon, Paetec or Choice One, is responsible for the installation and service of communications lines. They are typically located outside of a building. The box, terminal or other circuit connection port is where the physical demarcation, or boundary line, is located.
Demarcation is also a delineation point clearly defining in the communications relationship who is responsible for what.

Typically, dial tone providers do just that: They provide dial tone service, which comes in the form of conventional lines, or a network of fiber, much in the same way as electricity comes from power providers across physical lines.

Sometimes the exact demarcation point is located in a basement. Sometimes it’s safely tucked away in a box mounted outside of a building, and other times demarcation may be housed in a small closet.

The dial tone company’s job is finished wherever demarcation is located and dial tone is available. Dial tone providers make sure dial tone is present for customer provided equipment, or CPE.

Like answering a telephone call, Acteon Networks LLC steps in to seamlessly provide services from demarcation to the desktop.

Plugging in a phone to a demarcation point; however, isn’t always practical nor is it possible.
Sometimes a bridge is needed to connect a voice and data system to the demarcation point. Cabling can creates the bridge from demarcation to customer equipment.

Acteon picks up where dial tone leaves off, bridging the gap in cabling services, and connecting business customers to the outside world.

Acteon provides distribution-cabling services for both customers as well as service providers.

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