Business Systems Integration

Effective Business Systems Integration Plans

Employees don’t work in a vacuum, and with a defined business systems integration plan in place, no one has to.

Imagine an employee in Philadelphia working with one in Baltimore and another in Manhattan, all simultaneously sharing the information with yet another employee in Wyoming. It’s 10 A.M., and these employees are working together from their desktops or voice tools but in a way that is timely, relevant and sure to close a business deal in Margate or Newark, or Wilmington with no lag time.

Acteon Networks, LLC is a technology solutions provider focused on business systems integration plans regionally in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and New York.
We strive to offer intuitive, cost-effective integration plans with quick turn-around times for installation and implementation.

Starting with your desired end result, we aim to design business system integration plans to facilitate your ultimate business goals.

Complete Business Systems Integration Solutions

Acteon uses cutting edge technology to bring together a variety of skills, software packages and the latest in industry technical developments.

Unify your current business department information silos, so all business functions are seamlessly sharing what they know and working together.

Our business system integration services will connect:
•Customer Service
•Supply Chain
•CRM Systems
•ERP Systems
•IT Network
•Vendor Management

Business System Integration and Information Sharing

Integrated business systems expand even further with customized reporting features, so data acquisition is driven to improve your business.

Knowledge is Power

After we’ve designed and implemented your new integrated business system, Acteon offers business solutions to quickly and clearly communicate your information from any level in the organization to every level in the organization.

Bottom up or top down, those who need to know are in the know- at the same time- with a comprehensive integrated business system plan.

With video display monitors and an Intranet communications network, KPI’s, performance metrics and any critical company information is readily available to employees.

Never again does staff have to guess which sectors of the business are running smoothly, and which business concerns need attention.

Business systems integration also coordinates and unites employees because expectations and up-to-date and available information gets the job done.

Acteon complete business system integration alignment matches company resources with the needs of your business.

About Acteon Systems Integration

Acteon works with your organization to streamline your business processes. From IT systems to human resources and across the entire organization, every function including CRM and ERP, communication systems, your business supply chain, financial management and more is addressed.

Acteon is one of the leading technology and business communications solutions providers in the greater mid-Atlantic region. We directly supply and service business systems integration solutions across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and New York.

Contact Acteon Networks today to discuss your business systems integration needs.

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