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Cloud Based Solutions

Acteon, partnered with NEC’s technology, will create and provide cloud solutions and services that contribute not only to the field of IT and Networks but also societal, individual and corporate activities.
– Reliable support for enterprise mission-critical systems and social infrastructure systems
– Total performance and operability through the integration of IT and Network
– Realization of linkage with the real world by focusing on sensors and input/ output devices/ terminals
– Energy-saving Green Cloud (Data Center)

Business Phone Systems and Services

Acteon’s Business Phone Systems and Services are the keystone on which this business was founded. From small to medium business (SMB) clients to large corporations and enterprises that span across the nation, we provide communication solutions that are tailored for you.

Our approach is simple; we listen to your communication needs and concerns, we educate you on products and solutions that meet those needs, and then we install customized solutions that are a perfect fit for your business practices.

Our Customer Support Team offers the following:
•Service Provider Liaison (We quote, move, add, or cancel any voice or data circuits)
•Design and Install new communication systems
•Migrate existing systems to the latest technology
•Maintenance Service
•Maintenance MAC (Moves, Adds, and Changes)
•Time and Material Service
•Time and Material MAC

A Maintenance contract on your business phone system will ensure guaranteed response times, discounted labor and equipment for MAC work, and free labor and replacement for equipment failures. These are just a few of the many benefits that our Maintenance contracts offer. We provide customized maintenance options for each individual customer tailored specifically to their needs. Please call us to learn more on how a maintenance contract on your phone system can keep your business functioning flawlessly!



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