Univerge 3C

Welcome to tomorrow’s telecommunications

NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C is a software based unified communications and collaboration system that is available in both premise based or cloud options.

Univerge 3C was created to become a hub for all communications devices. Previous generations of voice systems included hardware or time division multiplexing devices (TDM) systems, which fed through wires to individual telephone handsets.

Not anymore.

By combining these three distinct capabilities, Univerge 3C delivers unmatched flexibility, reliability and scalability in an open-system solution. Click here for more info from NEC.

This is how Univerge 3C works:

With 3C Software, a hub fields applications directly through a wired infrastructure or wireless network directly to individual desktop computers. Sphericall Enterprise Softswitch is tied in to your business telephone provider, such as Verizon.

Handsets are available on a plug-and play connection so all applications are handled from one device.

Univerge 3C is a software-based communications solution intentionally designed to increase efficiency because of its ability to integrate all business applications.

Univerge 3C functions as a communications service, it integrates communication channels with business processes, and it supports unified communications applications.

Univerge 3C offers improved efficiency because it delivers meaningful improvements to your business communications.

Univerge 3C’s Strengths:
•Distributed Software – the software can be loaded on any standard server which makes redundancy simple. This makes scalability and flexibility a breeze.
•Secure and Mission Critical – JITC certified with SIP firewalls and no need for VPN’s
•Open/Standards Bases – the platform is based on the industry standards. Gone are the days of proprietary equipment!
•Future Proof – with software there is no need to worry about out-dated hardware and replacing it.
•Virtualization Support – tired of having to buy servers? Univerge 3C can be in a virtual environment (Hyper-V and VMWare)
•Multiple Operating Systems supported on Desktops – have a mixed environment of MAC, PC/Windows…not a problem for this Unified Communications approach. With RIA (Rich Internet Architechure) based desktop clients, you have limitless user possibilities
•Simple Licensing – You get what you pay for. The licensing includes all unified communication features, it’s not an extra expense.
•Easy to install, manage and support

Acteon Networks LLC defines Unified Communications as one application for all methods of communication used in everyday business practices.

Univerge 3C provides the foundation for the traditional unified communications capabilities businesses need, including:
•Unified Communications through any device – Desktop, Mobile, Tablet!
•Mobility and Wi-Fi solutions
•Integrated soft phone functionality
•Integrated, on-demand conferencing
•Rich Presence
•Collaboration solutions
•Desktop video and instant messaging
•On-demand recording

Univerge 3C Manager also integrates with Microsoft® Exchange®, Active Directory® and Outlook® to provide a powerful, fully featured unified communications solution for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

This set of tools is included at no charge and should be bundled within the existing business voice system license or the Sphericall license.

A complete software development kit (SDK) is also available at no charge for third-party product integrations. Third-party integrations would include a variety of pop-ups or contact managers or customer database dialing.

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