Small to Medium Business (SMB)

We Can Help You Grow!

The SMB Market has evolved over the years to expect advanced applications in communications technology that would normally only be applied in large corporations.

NEC’s small to medium sized communication platforms does just that by allowing businesses to invest in this technology without putting stress on financials.

With intuitive html programming interfaces, advanced applications available for all business needs NEC offers two platforms for the SMB market.

The SV8100 is for small to medium sized businesses, ranging from 5 users to 200 users.

The SV8300 is for medium sized businesses that can range all the way up to 1000 users.

Both systems share the same component hardware which makes scaling from one system to the next as simple as replacing the CPU.

For businesses with multiple sites, the systems provide a single site image. In more simple terms, it acts as if everyone is sitting in the same building when in retrospect they are scattered across the country. This also applies to the administration of the systems. One administrator for multiple sites is all that is needed.

The simplicity, scalability, and advanced applications at an affordable cost make NEC a great choice!

Thank you for all of your help with the install. You have done a great job from start to finish. Thank you again for the painless transition.Craig R., CP Rankin, Inc Roofing

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