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When time is of the essence, conveying information to colleagues, assistants and clients is critical to the success of an attorney’s hectic day.

And because communication is critical to getting the job done, tools to create a straightforward environment are at your fingertips with Acteon Network’s and products offered by NEC Corp. of America.

NEC’s Unified Communication for Business (UCB) offers unified messaging sent directly to the desktop or other device.



Acteon Networks LLC defines Unified Communications as one application for all methods of communication used in everyday business practices. Control the voice, email, FAX, conferencing, mobile communications, chat or instant messaging and “Presence” by directing the most efficient place for information to be sent or gathered.

With Unified Communications for Business (UCB), the communication between the attorney and his assistant is enriched. To streamline any workday, an assistant can view her attorney’s calendar and important appointments at a glance:

• Keeps track of multiple attorney status settings- there are up to 99 customized “Presence” settings available
• Attorney whereabouts such as in a meeting, off site or travelling
• On vacation
• On a telephone call
• At his desk, whether or not the keyboard or mouse was recently used
• Instant message an attorney to relay messages while on a telephone call
• Drag and drop people into conference calls to efficiently arrange telephone meetings

NEC’s Communication Analyst allows phone calls to be monitored and analysed for either a single office location, or across multiple facilities either in a campus setting or in a variety of cities or states.

The ability for a client to reach her attorney is crucial. With voice mail messages being synced with the Outlook Calendar, clients can be informed of the availability status his attorney with a more detailed pre-recorded message.

Attorneys can customize specific messages to be played according to the caller ID of the incoming number. High priority clients can hear a message created on for them when a call must be routed to an automated system. What’s more, options such as Press 1 for my cell, or Press 2 for my assistant can be pre programmed.

NEC’s Communication Analyst has customized billing creation for invoicing client time. This streamlines tracking attorney/client phone time.

Prepare and send accurate billing for time spent and have the reports in hand to prove it. Because all calls are logged, staff can easily access graphs illustrating the amount of billable time spent on various client cases.

Unified messaging sent directly to the desktop or other device.

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