Retail Establishments

Maximize Your Retail Space with Marketing & Wireless Solutions

The moment a customer walks through your door, their retail experience begins.

In the retail industry, customer service sets you apart from the competition. From easy to find products, clearly marked promotions and sales and knowledgeable, available staff, these vital sales elements are important to successfully completed transactions.

The two most commonly used forms of retail communications are:

• Marketing
• Wireless (Mobility)



While customers are in your retail location, there’s no more visible way to get your marketing and sales messages across than with the use of digital signage.

Strategically placed at critical locations, digital signage can boost sales by letting customers know what promotions are running.

Better-informed customers translate into higher average dollar sales and faster, selling floor product and inventory turnaround.

What’s more, a moving advertisement or product promotion is more intriguing than a static one.

NEC’s digital signage by Scala lets you create and automatically distribute digital signage throughout your sales network- whether a single retail location downtown, or a multiple store enterprise strategically placed throughout the country.

With detailed schedules and expiration dates on marketing messages you can accurately, and with confidence, relate timely, targeted product information to your customers.

NEC’s Perfect Communicator schedules prerecorded paging announcements, messages on hold, caller defined messages or even a main greeting announcement, customized to specified to store locations.

In the fast paced retail environment, mobile communications is vital to making sure sales run smoothly.

While getting the message out to customers is key to retail success, keeping employees current on product needs means customers get what they came for.

Because warehouses and large retail selling floor spaces are not compatible with the limitations of desk phone handsets, set your staff free with NEC’s mobility solutions.

With NEC’s mobility solutions, employees are available – and reachable – no matter where they are working throughout the facility.

NEC offers internal digital wireless solutions, as well as IP Wireless solutions, for voice so you’re staff can keep inventory, promotions and customers moving forward.

Customer service sets your business apart from the competition

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