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Communication Solutions for Public and Private, Pre-K to University

For over 30 years, Acteon Networks has designed, installed and supported communications solutions for private and public school districts as well as pre-school, college and university settings.

Educators face the same issues many other businesses face: keeping pace with emerging and cutting edge technologies, managing often unpredictable revenues against increasing costs and looking for ways to enhance the educational experience for students.

For those in education, all these tasks – and more – are expected with less funding through federal and state sources, rising contractual and fixed costs and legislative mandates.

Acteon brings NEC Corp. of America products to the educational sector offering cutting edge technology communications solutions geared toward educator’s distinct needs and ever-changing applications.

We’ll listen to what you have to say, and work together to ensure the latest applications are available to serve your staff and students now and we’ll keep tabs on future developments, so you don’t have to.

NEC UNIVERGE VoIP Solutions provides many integrated applications for primary and secondary educational staff, using the same universal platforms other industries use every day.

At Acteon, we recognize educators have distinct and specialized needs, which is why NEC tailors products for education accordingly.

Some of the newest features NEC offers include Unified Messaging and “Presence”.
With Unified Messaging, voice mails can be converted to email displays on desktop computers. Deal with messages now or store them for later attention, the choice with Unified Message is ultimately yours.

“Presence” is a feature, which turns your desktop into a control center for staff management. From checking vacation and travel schedules to phone usage, including voice mail forwarding and extension forwarding, “Presence” is a task minder and task finder.

Creating meetings is a snap with “Presence”, since the meeting caller can instantly check key staff availability, optimizing attendance.

•UNIVERGE Integrated Networks – School districts and university campuses (including their remote locations) operate as a single system, sharing core applications, four-digit extensions, shared voice mail and Unified Messaging options.
•UNIVERGE UCE- Unified Communications for Enterprise is a single server, application combing console, UNIFIED Messaging, contact centers, desktop computer telephone integration including “Presence” and recording solutions.
•UNIVERGE UM8000 – UNIFIED Messaging includes voice mail, automated attendant, email integration, Fax and text messaging options.
•WIFI – Integration/Connection is available for school districts and universities with Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology including wireless handsets.
•System Management – Simplified GUI Management is offered for your system administrator’s use.
•“911” Emergency Systems – Never second-guess an emergency.
911 emergency Systems include integrated dialing from any telephone handset on the system. Whenever a 911 call is placed to PSAP, the identification information is simultaneous sent out district wide (for public school applications) or campus wide (for higher education facilities) in a variety of applications. From pre-programmed PC’s to text message alerts, designated cell phones numbers and as email Pop-Up alerts on desktop’s throughout the organization, all the bases are covered with “911” Emergency Systems.
•Call Accounting Reporting – Station and trunk statistics are available anywhere on your network to authorized users.
•On-Site Training – For User’s (live training) – Acteon makes sure all staff throughout the organization is comfortable with the equipment and technology used to drive it, including training on telephone and voice messaging usage. We also offer technical training for school districts and university campus administrators.
•Post Installation Support & Access – We’re there when you need us. Acteon provides a technical assistance help desk for education systems administrators to take the guesswork out of using your new, or upgraded, telecommunications system and software packages.
•Paging – Offers one-touch access for overhead paging and recording functions.

Acteon provides straightforward communications for your users so they easily share core, and where needed, administration applications. Authorized applications for students offer the ability to save on day-to-day operational expenses, which help to support your bottom line.

Communications solutions for private and public school districts

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