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The SV8100 is a unique and scalable communications system that is built for the small to medium sized business.

With the availability of multiple endpoints, from analog to digital and VoIP, it allows businesses to upgrade phones when it fits.

System capabilities include:SV8100 Communications Server
Up to a total of 416 Ports at the main site
512 IP Stations
320 Digital or Analog
200 PRI Trunks
184 Analog Trunks
200 IP SIP Trunks

Applications are feature rich on the SV8100. Imbedded Applications that only need licensing to be activated include Hotel/Motel features, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Voice Mail, Interactive voice response (IVR), and more.

For VoIP; internet routers as well as Gigabit Switches are easily a unique part of the system without having to put in a separate piece of equipment in your data room.
Up to 16 Remote locations can be added to the main site of the SV8100 creating a single site image, where control of all switches is controlled by one interface and one employee saving resources of the company.

Unified Communications for Business (UCB) is an advanced platform available on the SV8100. This platform is feature rich and provides presence, conferencing, chat, call center, fax, and more all one one server. For more information on this product, please click here.

For more information on how this product can impact your business, please to not hesitate to contact us!


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