NEC Phone

Open your briefcase and take out your telecommunications system.

No, it’s not a Smartphone or other hand held device, but rather the entire telecom server and software installation, and no, it’s not a joke.

The Unified Communications for Business, or UCB, integrated Server Blade solution for the UNIVERGE SV8300 is a small card, which fits into a slot in the telecom rack mountable cabinet.  Because the blade takes the place of a conventional network server, it renders their need, and high prices, obsolete.

The UCB Blade handles basic call center modules; PC based console operators and voice mail applications and a lot more.

From Unified Messaging to most desktop functions, the “In-skin” Blade does it all. If top-notch “presence” is important to your staff and working environment, the Blade has unparalleled “presence” covered, too.

What’s more, the Blade allows you to keep cash where it would otherwise be flowing – in our back pocket. That’s because the Blade does the work of a full server option at a fraction of the cost and can support as many as 200 users.

The Blade offers the same product enhancing applications of earlier releases. The UCB Server Blade also comes equipped with applicable licensing and can be pre-configured to your specifications. That means you’re up for the ultimate plug and play convenience.

Look for the Blade compatibility for NEC’s SV8100 Communication Systems, slated to enter the marketplace soon.

SMB businesses can enjoy the same software based, desktop driven options as their larger, enterprise competitors.

When space is at a premium- and let’s face it most businesses are looking for ways to slim down- the Blade is not only the svelte choice, it’s the ultimate choice.

Did we mention demo opportunities?

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