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NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8500 boasts an impressive pedigree, as it is the next generation of the highly popular and enduring NEAX® 2400.

As a large telecommunications system, The UNIVERGE SV8500 is an enterprise communications solution, which picks up where the NEAX® 2400 left off.
SV8500 Communication Server
Based on more than 30 years of stable, reliable technology, the SV8500 has the ability to handle large-scale, multiple individual ports. The system’s range from 4,000 phones 4,000 trunks and 6,000 ports, offers a distinct advantage to the larger corporate customer.

This means the system has the scope to create a seamless environment- whether a few footsteps, or thousands of miles separate employees.

The UNIVERGE SV8500 has the ability to bring together various locations in an office campus environment, so multiple buildings can function as one. The SV8500 is poised to handle regional and global communications, too.

The UNIVERGE SV8500 offers the benchmark in communication tool flexibility. Powerful enough to support a completely Internet Protocol (IP) system, or mesh with a converged hybrid network, it offers reliable, energy-efficient and scalable options.

Don’t buy the largest system unless you need it. With the UNIVERGE SV8500, buy what you need and expand the system as your business grows.

An advance application server supports voice, unified communications and mobility solutions for as many as 193,000 ports under a single corporate umbrella.

Acteon Networks LLC defines unified communications as one application for all methods of communication used in everyday business practices. With that understanding we include: voice, unified messaging or email, Fax, conference calling, mobile use, “Presence” and chat or instant messaging, when referring to unified communications.

“Presence” means knowing employee status by glancing at your desktop. From checking vacation and travel schedules to phone usage including voice mail forwarding and extension forwarding, “Presence” is a task minder and task finder.

“Presence” allows headquarter or satellite office staff to see where other employees are located, or when they’re on the road. Because employees can view each other’s mobile positions, faster service and logistical opportunities are created.


Keeping employees connected – and at the core of flexible communications – to better serve customers is the hallmark of the UNIVERGE®360.

The SV8500 makes use of high-efficiency technologies to get the job done. Some typical applications include call centers and ACD applications and wireless networks.

The SV8500 offers automatic survivability and redundancy protection so the entire system is risk-free if one area goes down.

As a part of NEC’s UNIVERGE®360 commitment to putting people in the center of communications, the SV8500 unifies business operations by employing the high-efficiency technologies large enterprises require.

The SV 8500 is the ideal choice for IP communications for environmental responsibility – whether your business operations are based on local, regional or global concerns.

The secure IP features UNIVERGE SV8500 Communications Server offers:
• Increased customer satisfaction and lower expenses
• Reliable business continuity support
• Support for open standards to simplify business process integration
• Advanced applications
• Compliance with green standards
• Seamless network integration
• Investment protection

For those customers who have already invested in a NEAX® 2400 ICS, IMX, UNIVERGE NEAX 2400 IPX or UNIVERGE SV7000 communication server, NEC has developed and offers a transitional package to upgrade your existing equipment.

The ability to upgrade existing equipment extends the voice infrastructure’s useful life while protecting your business communications investment.


SV8500 offers several features aimed at ensuring durable, flexible communications including:

• Component redundancy
• IP fail-over for stations and trunking
• Clustered survivability
• Power failure transfer
• Flash drive technology
• Least-cost routing for self-healing networks
• Advanced fault diagnosis
• Error-correcting memory
• End-to-end encryption
• Support for a wide range of applications and tools, includes:
o UC for Enterprise Mobility
o UNIVERGE IP and Digital Terminals (both desktop and wireless DECT)
o NEC DT300 and DT700 Series phones
o Desktop Gigabit Ethernet
o Compatibility with UC for Business
o Integration with Microsoft’s Office Communication Server
• Plus over 900 additional service features

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