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New software enhancements from NEC surround the latest UNIVERGE SV8500 R3 package release, including Unified Communications and a power storehouse of additional time saving features.

Recognizing businesses invest in telecom equipment over the long haul, the SV8500 provides flexible, upgraded features, effectively extending the working lifetime of your telecom system.

That means these telecom system upgrades can transform yesterday’s system, making it able to keep pace with not the competition, but your business competition as well.

Specific hardware upgrades include:


  • Line appearances and feature keys are supported on this release for such hardware as the DCL-60-1 and add on module is available for DT700 series IP Terminals.
  • Terminal only mounts for the DT730 and DT750 are provided to the DCL-60-1 add on module.
  • Cable extensions create about 33 total feet for IPX migration cable units.
  • What’s more, look ahead routing allows the redirection of calls to avoid busy signals. Incoming callers can be routed to another option if the caller can’t connect with a real person right away.
  • Designate answering choices such as voice mail or a specific extension, like your customer service team, to make contact with a live person.
  • Industry standard SIP protocol for voice traffic manages caller flows, as well as on-demand bandwidth use so LAN and WLAN space is used more efficiently.
  • Early system alerts provide real time information so system failures and interruptions can be avoided.
  • Industry standard Q.Sig protocol provides for seamless forwarding. Here’s how: You’re based in Philadelphia, but working out of an office in Chicago for two weeks. Calls can be automatically sent from your desk in Philadelphia to your Chicago number without any interruption or delays in routing.
  • Fax transmissions can be sent directly between locations on the telecom system using VoIP, rather than multiple pieces of equipment separately handling voice, fax transmissions, etc.
  • What’s more, this upgrade supports Microsoft Windows® 7 for program and maintenance.


Rebates and promotions may apply, so contact your Acteon Networks sales representative today to find out more.


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