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The business world gets smaller each and every day. That means success is often measured but how many clients, customers and consumers you connect with.

So whether you’re reaching out to prospects and clients across the nation – or around the world – savvy businesses buyers know the right telecommunications equipment and packages are worth their weight in digital gold.

Here’s how and why...

Data Networks and a VPN set-up can allow a physical phone to create a satellite workstation just about anywhere. Small offices with four or five phones can also make use of VoIP phones, which are plug-and-play simplicity itself.

The greatest thing about remote offices with today’s technology is “Single System Image”. 

This means all the telecom equipment scattered across your firm’s facilities is managed from one main site or corporate headquarters.

CPUs function the same whether or not all the equipment is housed together, or tied together across a variety of data network configurations. And equipment survivability at remote locations allows basic functions to continue even if the main system CPU takes a hit or fails.

Once the CPU recovers, the main site connections can be restored.

Savings rack up when equipment is managed from a “Single System Image” deployment strategy.

The entire “daughter” location network shares the same components, function and benefits, the main system enjoys.

“Single System Image” products offer Voice Mail, Unified Communications and Call Centers among many other features.

So add up the change: one main system sends these important functions out to the branch systems and you pay once, with the benefits of sharing among as many locations as you need to.

What’s more functions like collaboration, extension-to-extension dialing, chat and presence provide employees whose locations are scattered to perform as if they’re functioning under the same roof.


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