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It seems as though cell phones are becoming extensions of our bodies. I’ll admit it; I’m one of those people.  My cell phone is very rarely more than ten feet away from me. More typically, it is in my hand or back pocket of my pants. Have you ever stopped to think about what’s on your phone though? I don’t mean photos or texts or games. I mean those yucky little things that can make us sick – germs. You are constantly touching your phone. What ELSE are you touching?

Your phone picks up germs from everywhere: your hands (after the door handles, keyboards, car keys, etc. that you touch), someone else’s hands, the table on which you lay your phone, the bag in which you place your phone, the treadmill at the gym…the list goes on and on. After your phone has gathered those germs, what do you do with it? You use it. To text, talk on the phone, search the internet, go on your social media sites, play games, etc.  Your phone is in close proximity to your ears, nose, mouth and your hands (which also go near your face) constantly. The bacteria from your phone can transfer to your body very easily, which can cause the flu, pinkeye, diarrhea or the common cold.

It’s important to really think about where your phone has been and what germs could be on it. Think about cleaning your phone every once in a while – both the screen and the case/back. Be careful, though – some cleaning products can damage your screen/screen protector by stripping it of the oil-repellant coating. Be sure to look for something with alcohol in it so that the germs are killed, but that won’t harm your screen. You could consider using a stronger cleaner for the back and a micro-fiber cloth for the glass. PLAIN WATER DOES NOT WORK! There are smartphone cleaners on the market that work very well to kill most germs without harming the performance of your device.

Protect yourself and your family. Be conscious of you’re touching!

While you’re at it – clean your keyboards, mouse, deskphone, computer and desk area. Check out our previous blog, “Keyboards are GROSS!” for more information.

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