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What exactly does “manufactured discontinued” mean? Basically, it means that your system and technology are obsolete and will no longer be supported.

Remember rotary phones? Seven-digit dialing? The Blackberry Curve and Motorola RAZR cell phones? iOS 7 and the Ice Cream Sandwich software? All manufactured discontinued.

Because technology is ever-changing, sometimes faster than its physical hardware, it is important to understand that your business communications systems will become outdated in a similar fashion to what you experience with your personal smartphone software.

In this industry, change is both mandatory and inevitable.

Even though discontinuations can be spread out over multiple years and older equipment can be blended into newer equipment or applications, there is still a constant battle for users to keep telecommunications system up-to-date.

It is important for companies to distribute money in the most effective way possible while also being cutting-edge.

With an entirely cloud-based solution, you are on the “smartphone plan.” Because the software that runs your applications is in the cloud, you are automatically up to date with software pushes and can experience the latest features and functionality, but have hardware that will eventually be outdated and need to be replaced.

While many businesses are moving in the direction of becoming completely cloud-based, it is not for everyone. It can become costly as you begin adding advanced applications. On-premise systems can offer a lower cost of ownership in addition to more overall control and better quality, but the hardware support and software upgrades can be difficult to keep up with.

We truly believe that the best of both worlds is a blended solution. You will get the benefits of consistently upgraded technology and backup through the cloud, along with the security and advantages of on-site hardware; especially if your company does not have on-site IT staff. Software that is automatically updated and is not hardware-centric can help to take away the fear of discontinued equipment and ensure contemporary technology.

Acteon Networks can help your company to avoid the term “manufactured discontinued” and remain radical in your industry. Contact us today for more information; we would love to work with you! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 1-800-540-0190

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