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NEC has announced the release of the UNIVERGE SV9300 Unified Communications Platform.   The new platform expands upon the SV8300 technology and integrates with many deployments, such as pure IP, hybrid and digital/IP environments.

A huge bonus is that Unified Communications (UC) are included with the UNIVERGE SV9300 system! Incorporated with UC:

  • UC Manager advanced features
  • OW5000
  • GNAV
  • UA5200
  • EOSN
  • CC Design
  • Unified Messaging
    • Business & Hotel/Motel UM8000
    • Business-UM8700
    • Hotel/Motel UM4730

There is a new licensing structure that comes along with the SV9300, which has a simple design, making for an easier deployment and an accessible environment. In addition, there will be support for the DT800/400 series terminals. There is SIP Trunk Expansion for up to 512 trunks, as well as the possibility for SIP Trunks in remote units.

Another great feature of the SV9300 is the Web Portal. This  user-friendly portal is accessible from a PC through Internet Explorer and allows a user the ability to set personal directory and name/extension number display layout of the multiline terminal.

These features, along with the powerful cutting-edge technology of the UNIVERGE SV9300 provide businesses with highly-efficient and productive communications practices.

Contact us today to find out how your business can benefit from the UNIVERGE SV9300 Communications Platform. P: 1-800-540-0190 or email Melanie Calabretti at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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