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The time is now to migrate to Windows Server 2012 because on July 14, 2015, analysts say the official end of support will come for Windows Server 2003.

Why make this move?? Click to read the dangers of maintaining Server 2003

It’s a good question, and even the most informed IT professionals find it difficult to answer. There are, however, some apparent reasons as to why you should make the move.

First and foremost, there will be a lack of support for Sever 2003. This doesn’t mean that your Server will stop working, but it will become increasingly more expensive to find resources to monitor and shield any servers running Server 2003. In order to keep your IT infrastructure safe, there will be required capital expenses. For example: intrusion detection systems, more advanced firewalls, network segmentation, regular independent audits for outdated software, etc. With all of these expenses adding up, in addition to added time and effort from the IT department, it makes the cost of the new Server 2012 licenses less than keeping the old Server 2003.

Another danger with running an outdated server is the increased cyber security risk. In 2015, bug fixes stop and new vulnerabilities won’t be addressed. Without active support, you won’t be able to fully trust the old operating system to not be compromised, no matter what type of shielding you put in place.

Analysts recommend that companies immediately begin to make plans to migrate to the new Server 2012 to lessen the risk of exposure and outside attack.

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