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NEC’s UNIVERGE SV9100 will help small and medium businesses (SMBs) to become more efficient and productive with their communications. This communication platform is powerful, modern, and reliable and provides adaptable mobility options.

The SV9100 is offered in two variations: SV9100E and SV9100S. The SV9100E allows users to benefit from the full range of IP and Unified Communications capabilities, while the SV9100S is more basic, but will grow as a business does.

Communication is redefined with this system. Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration applications operate with telephony products, working together to be a dominant and simple IT solution. The UC Suite includes user presence, instant messaging, whiteboarding, application sharing, a multimedia softphone and the UC Client.

UNIVERGE SV9100 includes cloud delivery, business agility, real-time collaboration, and reliance on assured services, which are becoming essential to every business and help to increase performance. The SV9100 provides security with IP failover and other features to keep your communications safe. Unified Messaging & voicemail are also included to aide in making your business the most flexible and dynamic possible.

Mobility is a breeze with the SV9100 system! Users are able to choose on which device they would like their phone to ring. Phones are also able to be set up to consider user status/availability and who is trying to contact them, and then ring/not ring/transfer to another device depending on status instructions. Features for mobility include: one number access, single voice mailbox, flexible call control, access to UC functionality, and access to essential key desktop telephone features.

SV9100 System capabilities include:
-Up to a total of 1,296 (SV9100E) or 48 (SV9100E) resources [new name for ports]
-896 Stations

For more information on how this product can impact your business, contact Acteon Networks today! (P): 1-800-540-0190 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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