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According to a survey done by Forrester Consulting, 65% of nurses spend .33-1.0 hours per day trying to locate and reach other medical staff within a facility. The Healthcare Industry continues to face unique challenges like these. With the Affordable Care Act, The Joint Commission and the HITECH Act, there is a lot riding on your effectiveness; not only with your patients, but also with your staff. If your goals consist of: improving HCAHPS scores, implementing a Clinical Alarm Safety Program, increasing reimbursements, streamlining communication and/or adding a mobile solution, and improving staff use of EHR, Acteon Networks has a solution for you.

NEC’s Clinical Workflow Solutions from EXTENSION, INC.

Core features include: critical lab results, nurse call integration, report availability notifications, STAT and Non-STAT order notifications, staff assignments, and device messaging. These features allow professionals to be mobile by delivering alerts, messages, and other time-sensitive notifications directly to their preferred receiving devices. They have instant access to data and can serve several patients simultaneously. In addition, HealthAlert improves communication between care providers, patients, and families, making your facility extremely efficient.

Healthcare professionals have many flexible mobility options and can use data phones, smartphones, and badges to keep them in constant communication with each other, patients, and families. Messages can be sent to one receiver or multiple, and can be forwarded. The Clinical Workflow Solution works in three simple steps:

1) IT adds a list of client-defined messages
2) Sender selects a message from VoIP or Smartphone
3) Sender adds desired custom information, then sends

These simple steps ensure BIG results within your facility. NEC’s Clinical Workflow Solutions from EXTENSION. INC. instantly empowers healthcare organizations with enhanced communication tools.

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