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Blog Blog A Peek at the 2014 NEC Advantage Meeting

NEC dealers are invited to the annual Advantage Meeting to learn what NEC is planning and where they will be heading with their communication platforms in the coming year. This year, the NEC Advantage Meeting took place in Nashville, Tennessee during the week of May 19, 2014. Continue reading to find out some exciting NEC news!

NEC announced that a new series of platforms will be coming out. This fall, the “9000” series will be released and will consist of the SV9100, SV9300, and the SV9500. These new platforms have an increase in port capacity and are bundled more to provide businesses with UC (Unified Communications). The enterprise SV9500 will have the ability to be virtualized and come as software, as well as in two other forms. NEC also announced that a new terminal will be released that has a built-in Android screen. This is completely touch-screen and allows the user to have UC on the terminal itself, in addition to any other Android app that they would want to add. Below, check out our (embezzled!!) picture of the new NEC terminal.

This year, Acteon Networks, LLC received an award which recognized our company for its Outstanding Growth and Leadership throughout the 2013 Fiscal Year. We are thrilled and honored to have received this award!

NEC is continuing to provide solutions for different vertical markets and streamline how communication solutions can support businesses today.

We will be posting more information as the new systems are released, so stay tuned!!


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