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The idea that an employee’s job does not remain within the four walls of a company is coming to be known as “Extended Office.” Co-workers, partners, vendors, customers/clients, and prospects are expecting more real-time answers and communication. Up until very recently, those expectations could not be met. Even still, the messaging services that companies provide to try to make communication more efficient are not yet ideal. The services offered now are more along the lines of Instant Messaging, which went out of style about 10 years ago, and are not entirely effective. This “IMing” is limited to communicating with colleagues who have the same exact application as you, and typically can only take place on a desktop or laptop computer. People want and need to reach each other any time, any place.

What’s the solution? Texting.

This idea is already established in many businesses today, especially with the rise of BYOD (bring your own device). In fact, 2/3 of professionals say that they conduct business by text and 50% text with people outside of their immediate company (customers, off-site vendors, etc.). However, many employees do not like that they only have one inbox, which includes both personal and business messages. There has to be a better way to make communication more efficient, but avoid a jumbled mess.

Employees already have landline phones that are their main business identity. Enterprises want a way to text-enable an employee’s landline. This way, workers can use their specific number to send and receive texts from a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, no matter where they are, while keeping personal numbers private. Something else that businesses want to see with this move forward is the ability to begin a conversation on a computer and continue it on a tablet, or vice versa.

A feature that can make this solution even more efficient is being able to differentiate a message coming in, as either personal or business, using different alert tones. This will let the employee know if he or she needs to answer right away or allow the message to wait. They can also send a quick message back to let the sender know that they will get and respond to the message, but are busy at the moment.

This move towards business-texts can greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of an enterprise. It makes communication easier and quicker, while promising more unified communications. One can assume that the integration of business text messaging will be seen more and more across the board, once all the privacy and safety concerns have been taken into consideration and worked out. Businesses and employees, as well as customers and vendors will benefit from a text messaging solution, helping to improve company relationships.


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