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Blog Blog NEC Announces the Discontinuation of the SCA-6COTC, SPA-32IPPADA, and SPA-32IPPADB Circuit Boards

As we all know, technology is ever-evolving. No matter the product, there is always a way to “spice” it up or create a newer, better version. NEC announced that after nearly ten years of manufacturing, the SCA-6COTC, SPA-32IPPADA, and SPA-32IPPADB circuit boards for the UNIVERGE SV8500 will be discontinued. The components used to build these boards are becoming increasingly unavailable, forcing the discontinuation of manufacturing.

There are still a small number of these IPPAD cards in stock and available for purchase, but orders will be completed on a first come, first serve basis. NEC says that the technical support and repair of the items are available through the last day of the 2014 year.

There are alternate systems that can replace the older versions, such as the UG50 Gateway (replaces the SCA-6COTC).

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