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Blog Blog Can Mobile Integration Actually Be a Good Thing at Work?!

It is no secret that mobile usage is affecting the workplace. But….is it positively or negatively impacting operations? Studies show that allowing the use of mobile and personal devices is a helpful way to move companies in the right direction. As customers are coming to expect mobile-integration, speedy responses and the most efficient procedures, companies are finding themselves to be required to assimilate more technology.

However, by doing so, enterprises are seeing increases in company productivity, proving the use of mobile devices to be extremely beneficial. Because of this, studies show that 77% of companies are moving in this direction!

Employees are able to access their work remotely, creating the ability to work anywhere at any time, with flexible hours. In addition, bringing your own devices (BYOD) can help to increase employee creativity, improve workforce morale, speed up innovation, and improve customer satisfaction. 73% of enterprises show improved employee productivity with the use of handheld devices.

Close to 40% of companies say that with the integration of mobile devices, costs are beginning to decrease due to lower IT capital expenditures and lower desktop tech support.

As it becomes more of the norm, it is important for companies to implement security precautions by applying IT security policies or requiring a security installation on devices used.

With the expectation of smartphone sales to increase to 1 billion units and tablet sales to hit 140 million units by 2015, the use of personal devices will become standard practice within organizations in the coming years.


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