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Safety and protection are among the most crucial responsibilities of any organization, especially during emergencies.  To increase safety assurance, NEC has developed the UNIVERGE 3C system, which includes Enhanced 911 (E911) capabilities.

E911 does not require additional hardware or software. It is included at no additional charge to an organization of any size. The system is flexible in its configuration of emergency services and the tools necessary to boost emergency response are easy to implement and understand.

NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C system provides the ability to deliver the exact location of a 911 caller in real-time within an organization. The E911 services provide Emergency On-Site Notifications to organizations in a simple format, using notices through email, Instant Message (IM) screen pops, and Short-Message Service (SMS) to cell phones.

When an organization’s set emergency number is dialed, the UNIVERGE 3C system reads the alert, and then sends emails/IMs/SMS to designated recipients within the organization or on-site security departments. The notification includes where the 911 call originated, which assists emergency personnel in quickly locating the emergency.

Guarantee the safest security system for your employees and visitors with NEC’s Enhanced 911 system. Contact a sales representative at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information today!


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