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About Our Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

In today’s business environment, green has become the new gold standard.

Many states across the country are considering mandates and possible legislation for green initiatives as well as sustainable business practices, from what light bulbs are used to acceptable waste or paper consumption levels.

In 2000, Acteon Networks LLC recognized the value of making our services available to customers in a sustainable, and low energy impact manner.

We created a digital customer web portal, giving our clients access to their own information by logging in to our data online.

By eliminating paper, phone calls, employee time and delays, we’ve streamlined the way customers can access valuable information, which impacts their voice systems.

Our customer portal allows online viewing of service orders, circuit information, invoices, user guides and much more. All this information is available to the desktop, no matter where you are, or the time of day you choose to view it, without the use of paper.

What’s more, we’ve moved to a digital system of invoicing, eliminating postage and paper, and saving time.

Digital user guides, in a PDF format, aid customers with new installation information. Service orders can now be signed out electronically from our technicians using tablet PCs right in the field.

In keeping with our commitment to environmental stewardship, Acteon Networks LLC is systematically replacing older, less efficient field vans with Chevrolet HHR vehicles.

The HHR offers E85 Flex Fuel capacity, which is 85 percent ethanol, a renewable fuel made in the US from biomaterial. Most of the biomaterial is corn or other homegrown grain products.

It’s a small step but great strides begin with small movement.

Using this cleaner burning biomaterial fuel may help decrease our national dependence on foreign petroleum products.

Acteon’s vision includes expanding our Green trends as we move forward in a more environmentally aware world.

For more information about green guides for new businesses, visit the business link to the U.S. Government at


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