When Missing a Call is Not an Option

With new threats constantly on the rise, citizens must trust that government and law enforcement agencies will stay one step ahead. Government solutions need to be adaptable, configurable and interoperable.
Government officials and employees, police departments and emergency responders all rely on accurate, reliable and fast communications.
For some personnel whether or not a call immediately connects can mean the difference between life and death.

Seamless voice or data integration between a campus of buildings, departments or to staff in the field is accomplished with NEC Corp. of America’s systems offering remote sites with data connections and paging using IP paging systems.
What’s more, Unified Communications for Business offers the flexibility of email, FAX, text messaging, chat, voice and a host of additional options that are designed to make complex tasks manageable.

When using Unified Communications for Business, locating staff with pinpoint accuracy, regardless of where they are inside facilities, while they are mobile, or when they are in the field, has never been more precise.

Presence, which is a function of Unified Communications for Business product software package, allows staff to check employee status using the desktop computer. From vacation and travel schedules to forwarding voice main or extensions to a designated phone number or voice mailbox, presence also allows easier dispatching because mobile staff can be easily tracked and reached.

Employees, too, can use Presence. Presence allows employees to access colleagues, making real time contacts instead of wasting precious time looking for someone who is off site, or busy with someone else.

Phone system mobility options provide for integration between phone desk sets and cell phones allowing messages to drop into one, centralized mailbox.

Acteon Networks has access to the NEC product GSA Multiple Award Schedule IT 70, GS-35F-0511T, through the immixGroup.

Smooth Communications are Critical to Success

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Thank you for the team that was sent for the new phone system. The customer service provided by Rebecca and Al was essential to the smooth transition and updating of our network.Allen J., Defense Contract Audit Agency
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