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At Acteon, our sales team and technicians pride themselves in always making sure our clients have the best equipment to streamline their communications. When you bring us on to your team, you can be sure you’re getting the best of the industry, which includes genuine copper and not substandard copper-clad aluminum cabling.

What Constitutes Counterfeit Cable and Connectivity?

Sold under false pretenses: falsifying that they are compliant with safety and performance standards.

What Are the Risks of Counterfeit Components?

Counterfeit cable and connectivity: Won’t meet industry performance and physical construction standards, cause poor network performance, invalid system warranties and the potential to damage active equipment due to plugs with substandard physical characteristics.

To be UL listed, both plenum- and riser-rated cables must pass stringent fire safety tests aimed at reducing the spread of fire and heavy smoke that can prevent safe evacuation in the event of a fire. Testing has shown that counterfeit cables marked as listed don’t always meet the requirements.

There are many reasons to purchase well-known brands of cable and connectivity from reputable manufacturers, like Belden, who have a strong industry presence. (source)

Verified performance and a comprehensive warranty program like Belden’s 25-Year Warranty can help ensure that your network will perform as expected. Beldon is a trusted Acteon partner.


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