Data and Voice

Cabling is the Backbone of All Communications

No matter how large or small the job, from designing the offer, interoffice or warehouse layout to installing and testing the cabling system, Acteon Networks can handle the job.

Because cabling is the backbone of all communications, it’s important to rely on a proven performer who can help make important product choices.

Voice and data networks, and VoIP systems, need to be able to talk to one another on site as quickly as these systems can reach out to the global community.

From adding or changing existing wiring to creating a new cabling landscape from scratch, Acteon makes sure the details are covered.

Voice and data information are now carried on the same heavily travelled networks, so the demand for speed and bandwidth on services has never been greater.

The way the business world operates depends on the ability for immediate communication, and with the dramatic rise in VoIP a dependable reliable data network infrastructure has never been more critical.

Acteon makes supporting structured cabling a customer service priority. Cabling is part of the communications package needed to make voice applications such as telephones, fax machines and modems run their best.

Cabling for high-speed data enables fast transmission when time is of the essence.
We aim to make your conventional, copper or fiber (optic) choices work as hard as you do.

Acteon offers the following Voice & Data cable industry standard types:
•CAT3 (Voice Only applications)
•Fiber Optics

Acteon staff is certified on the following products:


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