Frequently Asked Questions

What number do I call if we are having a technical emergency?
You can reach us 24/7 at 1-215-540-0290

What is considered an emergency?
Emergency service requiring immediate assistance must meet the following qualifications: complete system down, inability to make or receive calls, loss of automated attendant/voice mail capabilities, malfunction of an attendant console if there is not a secondary
answering position. All emergency service after regular business hours will be billed labor at a minimum of 4 hours at our overtime hourly rates. Those clients who are not current on their maintenance contract payments will be billed for all hardware and labor at our non-discounted rates.

Who do we contact for normal service issues?
You can use our Online Service Module at www.acteon.net (this requires a username and password)*
We can always be reached via Telephone 1-215-540-0290
We can be reached via Fax at 1-215-540-0350 with subject line: Attention Service Department
Using the above procedures will assure prompt and accurate service within a timely fashion.

Do we have a user name and password?
If you do not have a username a password, one can be setup for you by calling our main number. We do request that we have all your contact information (first and last name, number, and email address).

What is considered ‘normal service:
Regular service is the repair or replacement of malfunctioning equipment (telephone instruments, circuit cards) that does not necessitate emergency service as described above. Those clients who are not current on their maintenance contract payments will be billed for all hardware and labor at our non-discounted rates.

What is MAC work?
MAC (an acronym for moves, adds, and changes) is defined by requests for changes either hardware and/ or software related to the system(s) requiring a site visit to accomplish. Remote software changes (voice mail additions/deletions, line appearance/name/time
changes, etc.) requiring less than 15 minutes are not billable to full maintenance customers. Full maintenance is defined by clients
who cover all components of their telephone and voice mail systems. All MAC work is billable and will be invoiced at completion. Those customers who do not remit payments for invoices on a timely basis will be asked to settle all payments before a technician leaves their facility. Every effort will be made to make the customer aware of the C.O.D. terms.

Will Acteon be able to help us predict the trends and way the telecom industry will go, so our company can be sure to stay on the cutting edge?

It’s impossible for anyone to know exactly where the industry is headed, but what we know for sure is that the future of telecom is an ever-growing one.

Here are the trends we think you should be watching:

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How do I change the time?

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Who do I call in an emergency?

Can I contact the technician directly?

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