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When I founded Acteon Networks LLC in 1993, my primary concern was to develop a company of highly skilled staff who would make their priority meeting the distinct needs of individual customers.

My founding goal continues today.

Privately owned and operated, Acteon Networks aims to help our customers explore their technology options and needs from customized cabling jobs, to the most advanced industrial telephone systems NEC Corp. brings to market.

I won’t try to sell product my customers don’t need.

This doesn’t limit our ability to source or provide a vast array of inventory, as each client’s requirements are as unique as the business they engage in every day.

What it does mean is that integrity and a commitment to quality installation and service galvanize each and every transaction our sales and service team makes.

Because technology is a tool, not the end result, taking the time to make sure telephone system features are explained, and new system training is offered, are hallmarks of my promise to our current, and future, customers.

As a full service telecommunications and cable design company, Acteon Networks puts the focus on customer care and ultimately satisfaction.

Call us today to explore what products are right for your business.

Look for technical information, product and service brochures and customer support tools on our Web site at www.acteon.net.

Always the best,

Jack Yoast
President and Founder
Acteon Networks LLC.

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